hocus pocus, it’s hawberry ketchup


Look in any rural cookery compendium & you’ll doubtlessly come across a recipe for Hawberry Jelly, or if you’re lucky Hawberry Brandy. You might even have the same battered about book that we found our first Hawberry Ketchup recipe in. It was good, it had potential and when we added lots of fresh ginger and twist after twist of pepper, it became something else. We drizzle it on cheese on toast, burgers, sausages, scrambled eggs, ham and cheese; it makes the simplest of food capable of turning tastebuds into party animals.

Hawberrys are wild little red jewels that poke out from lichen clad ancient Hawthorn trees from late August onwards. Hawthorn trees grow everywhere, in the deepest countryside to city gardens. Legends say they are magical trees, they certainly are packed full of health benefits & just as importantly, delicious flavour. Hawberry Ketchup is so fruity that it makes the bottom of your jaw tingle. Not many foods can do that can they? But then, it is a bit magical..