scarred hands & syrupy sauces

10801557_686055461513590_383910437255703365_n 10291218_686054501513686_3101747260606364161_nMention rosehips to anyone over a certain age & the likely hood is that they scratched themselves on many a thorny stem gathering the vitamin C rich fruit as part of the Ministry of Foods efforts to keep Britain healthy during rationing. Mention rosehips to todays entrepreneurial children in the Golden Valley & they could well proudly show you the same scarred hands – for these children know where to find the sweetest, tiniest and plumpest hips, and once they’ve squirreled away their hauls to make jellies, chutneys and syrups, the excess fruits are sold to Forage (under our ‘picking for pocket money’ scheme) and here they are turned into our rather lovely Rosehip & Horseradish dipping sauce. The tang of Horseradish is a perfect allie for sweet rosehip syrup, enhanced all the more by sour, sour sumac from our friend Niña’s spreading giant of a tree. Our tangy version of rosehip syrup is utterly at home drizzled on beef, goats cheese, beetroot, mackerel, salmon & crayfish. So, thanks to the nimble (slightly scarred) fingers of todays young foragers, the rosehip picking baby boomers are once again supping on rosehip syrup… but this time on crème fraiche rather than off a spoon..

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