new years honours list (well if the queen can have one..)

How did that happen?? it’s 2015. Time to lurch thick headed in to the year ahead. But before you forget all about the shenanigans of 2014 I think it’s time we all say thanks to those people who made 2014 what it was. You see, I think the queen is onto something with her new years honours, but as a good old republican I also think we should have a bit of the action.

So here goes, I’m going in. My ever so regal inaugural line up for honours is to a group of people who did something  remarkable in 2014, thrown in the corporate towel, painted signs, stocked shelves, employed people, supported little producers and become the finest shop keepers imaginable. In these days of ghost town high streets,  pubs turning into des-reses and supermarkets trying to convince us that blandest is Finest, there is a small army of noteworthy people who are hungry for a place to buy great food on their high street. Rather than moan about the metros & expresses springing up all over the shop(s) they have taken life changing leaps into opening new food shops, reopening closed ones, and taking over the curtilage of existing fine establishments. I know these people as they are kind enough to stock Forage produce  – they are running the type of food store that seeks out small producers who don’t necessarily sell via wholesalers – and believe me that adds an awful lots of work to the already relentless list of things they have to do, but that’s what makes them the kind of people that makes you smile when you go into their shop.

So, this little producer & indy shopper wants to say thank you to Derek from the Hay Deli, Tom from Marches in Abergavenny, Volker from Volker & Quinn in Balham, and Henry from Harp Lane Deli in Ludlow. 2014 changed their lives just a bit, they probably don’t have many waking moments not thinking about their shops, but we really, really do appreciate you & you all do it very well indeed. Consider yourselves Knighted. Tom th





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