Rowan bud & cherry blossom cake

Right now the sun is shining & cherry blossoms are suspended in trees like trapped pink clouds. Tomorrow the weather is due change its fickle tune and cold chills are predicted to storm across our hills, thug like knocking clouds from the trees and bringing my sun washed children back inside, begging for the fire to be lit. This is the cake to make in anticipation of tomorrows bad mooded weather. Reach up and grab a sprig of cherry blossom, and turn it into cake made for fairies. I made this cake on Friday night for a tiny but magical market I take my wares to in the lovely village of Grosmont, if you haven’t been come next time, it’s worth a drive. I thought I was a genius inventing milk cake but of course, I googled milk cake and discovered it’s a thing, just a thing I never knew about – anyway even if you are blossomless you need to make hot milk cake, it makes the best cake I have ever eaten, and I’ve eaten quite a few. In fact you could swap blossoms & buds for any combination of wild treats – rose icing & elderflower batter is sounding quite tempting..

Rowan Buds have the most wonderful flavour of marzipan hidden in them, their flavour transfers magically into warm milk, turning it almost pistachio green – they are the perfect partner for bitter almond laced cherry blossoms.

Head inside, light the fire & eat cake until spring returns (without pink clouds)



Rowan Bud Milk Cake with cherry blossom icing

125 grams butter

1 ¼ cups unrefined sugar

2 cups of self raising flour

200ml milk

Handful of rowan buds

4 medium eggs

Gently heat a pan with the milk, add a table spoon of sugar & the rowan buds & leave to infuse for ½ hour

Cream the butter & sugar, adding in the eggs & flour in stages to reach a thick, smooth mix. Slowly blend in the rowan infused milk & stir until you have a smooth velvety batter.

Add a handful of cherry blossom petals & stir well.

Place the batter in a cake tin & cook at 200 degrees until golden.

Once cooled, pour over a loose icing paste (made with either lemon juice or cherry liqueur) & scatter liberally with blossoms.



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