I’ll get my goat…

 Goat meat is eaten by 70% of the worlds population, yet in Britain until now it has been somewhat kept as a niche meat  but alongside its gamey counterparts, goat is experiencing a long awaited revival. One of our favourite ways to cook goat is slowly infusing it with North African promise…spices, almonds, apricots and fennel turn the gruffest of billies into a comfort blanket of a meal….

Rub a leg of young goat meat with a mixture of 2 tsp of  rose el hanout (you can use other Ras el Hanouts, just look for ones with an anise flavour), olive oil and a pinch of salt & leave to marinade for a couple of hours. Place the meat on top of thick slices of fennel bulb in a casserole, add a wine glass of water and cover with a lid. Cook in a low oven (110 – 120c) for 3 hours, remove from the oven (deeply inhaling the amazing smells – a sign of things to come!) add a handful of ground almonds and dried apricots to the liquor, cover again and return to the oven for another couple of hours. Serve with a good bread to mop up the juices and a salad or green beans.

Like the sound of eating goat? You’ll love the sound of Cabrito Goat Company, they supply goat meat to the food industry, rearing young billy kids on a farm in Somerset, they buy unwanted male kids from goat milk farms across the UK – these billies would otherwise be killed soon after birth. Instead they have a delicious time grazing in meadowland before they are slaughtered. We like them a lot.







2 thoughts on “I’ll get my goat…

  1. JJeB farm free range goat meat in Lincs, should also be highly recommended. Outdoor reared meat, non medicated and can be bought from many farmers markets. Twitter@JJeBFARM


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