Coedcanlas – sweet as honey

It’s lovely when people wax lyrical about my products, sometimes people tell me the reason they’ve come to a food festival is to stock up on Forage goodies – it makes a small producer like me feel that the long nights standing in front of a bubbling pan is worth while, so please keep the nice feedback coming. I, as it happens have a producer who I sing romantic ballards about & I find myself evangelising about this little food business as much as my own….the apples of my eye are very special artisan producers Nick & Annette Tonkin. If I tell you a little bit about them. I think you’ll see why my heart is in Coedcanlas…

Nick & Annette are bee keepers, queen bee breeders, marmalade makers, food importers and quite frankly they would appear high on my list as fantasy dinner party guests – as long as they bought a few jars with them. For years they’ve been keeping bees and supplying queen bees to hives all over the place, including to other bee keepers who sometimes happen to make exceptional food in their home countries…Nick & Annette have started importing small amounts of these delicious finds & making these one off, beautiful products available to us lucky people. Sicilian grassy herby olive oil, lemon blossom honey and toasted almonds, Canadian maple syrup reduced over oak fires, and of course their own very special honey. They proudly run their business to complement their lives, and their love for what they do oozes from every jar & I’d love you to have one of those jars in your cupboard.

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